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How to Pay Band Fees

If you have questions or concerns about your Band Fees, please contact the Treasurer, not the Band Directors. Email

Check Payments

Checks made out to RHSBBA. Checks must have student's name and item paying for listed in Memo section or checks may not be credited correctly. 


Mail checks to RHSBBA 885 Woodstock Road Suite 430-144 Roswell, GA 30075.

Please note, it make take a week or more to see check payments posted to your Charms account as it is a manual process with the Treasurer and Charmers. 


Payments can be dropped off in the RHS Front Office, NOT the band room, in the Boosters box. The band slot is the top left slot in the tower shown below. This box is accessible only during school hours. Do not give checks to RHS staff in the office or the Directors.


Charms Payments with PayPal

The Band uses Charms as our database. All student information and billing takes place in Charms. We also maintain parent/ guardian information in this database. Billing statements are sent from this software.


You can pay your band fees directly through Charms and PayPal with this link. School code roswellhsband. 


A how-to log in video is below to walk you through it.


Contact the Treasurer with any questions.

Fees are used to help the program operate. Without fees, we would not be able to participate in the fun and exciting opportunities throughout the year. Each year the Band Director along with your Board of Directors determines the funds needed to sustain the program based on previous years expenses, expected expenses for the year, and the number of students we expect to have participating (this is what we referred to as Annual Operating Cost).

As a new band parent, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to enter the marching band world. No one likes fees and we are no exception but marching band is an extracurricular activity. Like many sports and clubs at Roswell High School, Marching Band can be an expensive proposition. Gone are the days when the school districts pay for all those extras that may have been covered when we all attended high school (this is usually a surprise to Rookie parents). We are fortunate to live in a district where some of the expenses are still covered by our district, but they do not provide enough and most of the expenses fall on the band booster organization and the parents.

The expenses associated with a marching band season include (but may not be limited to):

Technical staff and instructors
Drill Design
Music Arrangement
Entry Fees for Competitions
Equipment and repairs
Uniform Maintenance and Repair
Guard Uniforms
Guard Flags
Office Supplies

So, as you can see we are talking thousands and thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands if you include instrument costs). The School District pays the salary of the Band Director and transportation to and from football games and competitions, but every other financial aspect of the program is the responsibility of the Boosters.  The band boosters currently cover expenses related to the home competition, and various items that come up during the school year. For example, in the past few seasons we assisted in the purchase of props for the shows, color guard flags, the costs for bringing in experts in different fields of music to teach the kids and etc. It all adds up to 10’s of thousands of dollars!

One of our biggest single cost each year is staff. While the district funding does not provide us with more than one teacher, we are extremely fortunate to collect funds to provide additional staff so that we may offer a full comprehensive band program. Each instructor is a specialist and is assigned to a specific category of instruction: percussion, color guard, marching and movement. Our staff is a very important component in our ability to effectively teach our students the many skills needed in order for them to achieve a high level of excellence and success.

* * * For Band Fees and Payment Schedule, Refer to Band and Color Guard Handbook.

So, yes marching band is expensive, but there are ways to reduce your personal costs.

The Roswell HS Band Booster Association is a non-profit organization therefore, our budget is for a zero profit or loss. Band fees are kept as low as possible to ensure maximum participation. No student will be excluded for financial reasons however, it is your responsibility as a parent, along with your student, to participate in the many fundraising activities that are available to pay these fees. The fundraisers we offer to our students and parents can completely off-set the band fees if optimized.

Please feel free to ask any questions along the way and attend booster meetings so you can see where every dollar goes.

Roswell High School Bands

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The Roswell Winds, Guard and Percussion program will foster musical, emotional and intellectual growth in a space that is safe, inclusive and promotes the highest level of excellence.

The award winning Band Programs of Roswell High School are supported by our amazing parents and the Band Booster Association.