About Us

Our Vision
The Roswell High School Bands provide an opportunity for student musicians to further develop their musical competence providing the skills needed for life-long enjoyment of music as a performer or consumer of the musical arts.By bringing together a culturally and academically diverse membership, the band program provides leadership to unify the student body through support of the athletic programs and other school activities.Providing quality performances that appeal to a wide spectrum of stakeholders will enable the Roswell Bands to serve as ambassadors for Roswell High School at the regional, national, and global levels. Moreover, the persona exhibited by the band membership reflects an expectation for Roswell students to exhibit academic excellence, participation in school life, and service to the community.

It is the mission of the Roswell High School Bands Program to instill musical excellence in the organization’s membership, provide motivational support to the athletic programs, and foster a sense of community among all stakeholders through the performance of music.

Our Guiding Belief
Preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world is the primary focus of the school. The Roswell Bands strive to promote and maximize student achievement by providing an enhanced sense of belonging, pride, and loyalty to Roswell High School.

Our Goals
Recruit and retain competent membership in all units and sections of the band resulting in a nationally acclaimed musical organization.Develop student leadership that will foster loyalty, camaraderie, and longevity among all members of the organization.Instill a sense of following for the Roswell Bands among various stakeholders in the Roswell and local communities.Lead the student body in developing school spirit and support for the school’s athletic teams.Provide a membership network that will promote a sense of family to help ensure student success and satisfaction.Engage graduates in a life-long relationship with music through membership in collegiate and community organizations after graduation.

Strategic Vision Plan

Large Scale Outcomes


Every student is involved in private lessons

Every student is musically literate by the time he/she graduates

Every student performs on a quality instrument

Every student is afforded the ability to participate in any ensemble within the program

Every student performs a solo, in a chamber ensemble and large ensemble per year


7 Year Outcomes


Symphonic Wind Ensemble is invited to perform at a Regional conference

Roswell Wind Ensembles are constantly earning superior ratings at LGPE

Roswell Winterguard and Roswell Indoor Drumline are competitive within the top 10 of their circuit and are attending

WGI Regional and WGI Championships

30% of the program is auditioning for honor ensembles (i.e. all state, district honor band)

20% of students are gaining admission into Honor Ensembles

Roswell Marching Band is winning a competition a year

30% are getting music scholarships (non majors and majors)

Roswell Marching Band gets invited to a major parade.

Total enrollment is at 200

Marching Band enrollment is at 150

Winterguard enrollment is at 23 performers consistently

Winterguard develops a novice group comprised of middle schoolers

Establish instrumental choirs

Jazz Band is fully established


10 Year Outcomes


Symphonic Wind Ensemble performs at a major state conference/national conference

Roswell Marching Band makes finalist position at BOA Super Regional

Roswell Marching Band is invited to a major parade (i.e. Rose Bowl, Macys Parade)

Roswell Winterguard & Indoor Drumline competes in Scholastic Open

50% of the program is auditioning for honor ensembles

35% of the program is gaining admission into Honor Ensembles

All students are involved in free private lessons

Total enrollment is at 250

Marching Band enrollment is at 200

Winterguard is developed as a 3 guard program (Novice, JV and Varsity)

Roswell Percussion Ensemble gets invited to participate in a regional/state conference

Instrumental choirs perform GMEA as a lobby group or invited to attend the MFA Chamber Music National Festival

Jazz Band is invited to perform at a regional/national conference

Roswell Conservatory is in full effect

Roswell High School Bands

11595 King Road

Roswell, GA 30075


The Roswell Winds, Guard and Percussion program will foster musical, emotional and intellectual growth in a space that is safe, inclusive and promotes the highest level of excellence.

The award winning Band Programs of Roswell High School are supported by our amazing parents and the Band Booster Association.